Crown Boards

Bee supplies stocking crown boards, brood boxes, hive supers and our very own national hives made in England from our own western red cedar trees.

National Hive Crown Board

British National Honey Bee Crown Board.


National Bee Hive Crown Board £15
Please note Eke, roofs, and crownboards all use some exterior plyboard in their construction.

National Bee Hive Supplies

We stock all the Hive parts for the national bee Hive - Please click on the links below if you are interested in buying sections for the hive.
National Wire Floor
National Brood Box Standard and Modified
National Super Standard and Modified
National Stand
National Roof
Bee Hive Manufacture - Bee Hives for Sale Direct from our Plantation.
We manufacturer / assemble beehives made from Western Redcedar Trees. We sell National and
Commercial Hives, Wbc hives and have a selection of second hand hives too.
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