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About Us and our National Hand Made Hives
All our hives are made exclusively from British Western Red Cedar timber. All our timber is grown, felled, planked, air-dried and planned on site in our plantation on the North Downs, Surrey, England. We manage the small plantation producing quality timber while encouraging and supporting wildlife through the creation and conservation of natural habitats. Great care is given to the selection process of our timber and the re-planting process of previously felled areas.
The end result is a fine, unique, handmade hive that will be a pleasure to own, pleasing to the eye and perfectly suited to provide an easy to manage, low maintainance, long-term home for the honey-bee colony. Please note the hives are hand made from western red cedar and may, contains knots and may exhibit colour and/or shade variations from the example displayed on our website
Location Hanging Wood Forest Farm - Gangers Hill - Godstone - RH9 8DF
(we are 2 miles from junction 6 of the M25)
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Telephone 07785 534763 or 0782 186 4061 or 01883 744958

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Bee Hive Manufacture - Bee Hives for Sale Direct from our Plantation.
We manufacturer / assemble beehives made from Western Redcedar Trees. We sell National and
Commercial Hives, Wbc hives and have a selection of second hand hives too.
Contact us direct on 07785 534763 or 01883 744958